International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics is a network of activists and scholars working in the field of feminist bioethics.


FAB 2018

FAB 2018 is the 12th World Congress of the International Network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics. It will be held in Bangalore, India, from December 3rd – 5th 2018.

Our World Congress brings together academics and practitioners from diverse backgrounds to explore and develop feminist perspectives on ethical issues relating to health. It is a vibrant and welcoming gathering that offers significant opportunities to share ideas, learn from others, participate in constructive debates and engage with a supportive network.

The FAB 2018 congress theme is “Confronting inequality in health and health care: global challenges, feminist responses”. We anticipate a diverse array of stimulating presentations and discussions on this theme. There will also be opportunities to discuss feminist investigations in other areas of bioethics.

The final event of FAB 2018 is a plenary session run jointly with IAB 2018.

The call for abstracts is available here: http://ijme.in/nbc-20140321/index.php/14th-wcb-india/index/pages/view/call-for-papers

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